What You Need to Know About the Korean 10-Step Skincare Routine

Korean skincare has been popular recently, with avid followers coming from neighboring Asian countries and the rest of the world. In Singapore, for instance, it’s not uncommon to see Korean beauty shops in major shopping districts. More and more people flock there over the weekend to buy some of the best-selling products they offer, which are directly shipped from Korea.

The thing is, we all have different skin types and condition. Finding an ideal routine may then be difficult to do, especially if you don’t know where to start. This is why getting acquainted with the basics can be of great help. If you are seriously considering to get into Korean skincare and beauty, this brief go-to article will provide you a run through over the popular Korean 10-step skincare routine — devised to address a myriad of skincare issues.

The 10-step skincare routine
1. Oil cleanser – Using an oil-based cleanser is encouraged since the product can cater to all skin types. The oil in the cleanser also breaks up all the accumulated dirt and make-up residue left on your face throughout the day.

2. Water-based/foam cleanser – One cleanse isn’t merely enough. A second facial cleanse is your ticket to ensuring there is no dirt and cosmetic residue left on your face. It is important to keep your face truly clean.

3. Exfoliator – This is used weekly to exfoliate dead skin cells. The first three steps together maximize the effect of the succeeding steps in this skincare treatment.

4. Toner – The toner balances out the pH levels of your skin. Thus, it prepares the skin to effectively take in the benefits of the other products used.

5. Essence – This is one concentrated yet watery formula which promotes fast cell-turnover rate. As a result, it prevents the occurrence of wrinkles and other facial lines.

6. Serum – The product is notably more concentrated than an essence. It contains active ingredients to address specific skin-related problems. Serums are often water-based, so they penetrate deeper than a moisturizer too.

7. Face hydrating mask – A cloth mask is soaked in serum which can bring benefits to one’s skin, such as giving collagen levels a boost and brightening the skin in general. These sheets are often left on the face for about 15 minutes.

8. Eye cream – Though the cream is highly concentrated, it is still gentle so as not to irritate the extremely sensitive eye area. It is used to combat aging and dark circles and to moisturize the face.

9. Moisturizer – Moisturizers are often mistaken as serums, but the big difference between them is that moisturizers help retain the skin’s moisture even after it has hydrated the skin.

10. Sunscreen – Last but not the least, sunscreen is applied on the face to protect it from the harmful UV rays and also to prevent premature aging.

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