What to Do When Meeting Your Partner’s Friends or Family

If you feel nervous about meeting your partner’s friends or family, we can’t blame you because it is a huge step in your relationship. You want to make sure you give the best impression to the people important to your partner, but you need to remember that it is a happy occasion, not a test of your person.

Here are ways you can make the meeting a more pleasant experience.

Find a familiar face in the room

Your partner’s best friend is also your best ally in social situations like these, but if that friend is not present, you should look for someone most sympathetic or friendly to you. Maybe not everyone in the room will like you, but some people will make the effort to make you feel welcome.

Don’t respond to jokes and provocations

There will be a few people in the room who will seem hostile to you and even make jokes about your partner’s exes. It is not the time and place to get angry and respond to challenges. Just laugh it off but ignore provocations; most likely that person will get weird looks anyway and you will appear more levelheaded than them.

Answer positively

When you are asked by family and friends how your partner is treating you, you should always answer positively. Even if you are currently going through tough times, other people have no business sticking their noses in and you have no right to divulge private issues either. Even if your partner’s friends and family know their bad side, you should focus on the positive only.

Don’t drink too much

If there’s booze during the meeting, you should probably limit yourself to a glass or two. You don’t want to give away your secrets and give a bad impression to family members when you’re tipsy. Even if someone does get drunk during the meeting, you and your partner should act like responsible hosts and stay sober. If your head is clear, you can keep up with conversations better and read the mood in the room more effectively.

Don’t talk about serious topics

The first meeting should be light and friendly, not a debate or a time to show off. Avoid discussing controversial topics that require you to take sides. If a person asked you for an opinion on a hot topic, just say that you don’t know much to form an opinion as of now, but you respect everyone’s take on the subject.

If someone asked you about marriage and having kids, politely tell them you are still getting to know your partner and that you will both make that decision together.

Don’t be afraid to ask about your partner. There will be people in the room who will be more than willing to tell stories about your partner. Even if you’ve heard that story before, you should still look excited and appreciative.

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