What is Parental Corporal Punishment?

There was a man here in Singapore who slapped a baby without apparent reason. The incident happened at a playground close to Serangoon Market on October. According to an eye witness, she saw the man running towards a woman who was holding a baby (possibly three months old). After the slapping, the man hurriedly crossed the street hoping to ride the bus but passers-by apprehended the man.

The man has no right whatsoever to slap the baby. Have you heard about the parental corporal punishment? Ultimately, this authorizes parents or guardians in the home to spank or slap the child to discipline him/her. Moreover, belt, slipper, paddle and cane are acceptable form of punishment/disciplining the child. In many countries, this practice is tolerable but due to paradigm shift, many countries abolished this.

The attitude of countries towards this form of punishment changed following the release of Baby and Child Care by the famous paediatrician, Benjamin McLane Spock. The book tackled that children should be treated as “individuals”. The change of attitude fortified the abolishment of the said punishment in the home. In fact, this 2013, about 34 countries outlawed this punishment prohibiting parents to practice this.

But there are countries or traditions that remain conventional when it comes to disciplining or punishment. In some parts of Africa, East Asia and Middle East, corporal punishment is legal. In Singapore, corporal punishment is legal however it is discouraged. Disciplining the child should be encouraged but there is a limit to that. With the right amount of corporal punishment, your child will surely grow to be a good citizen.

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