Wedding Cancellation

When you are planning for your wedding, you fervently pray that all things will run smoothly but sometimes things happen. In the event of cancellation, there are many things that need to be considered. Here in Singapore, if you are cancelling the wedding, you have to deal with cancellation charges for your wedding package. Depending on the hotel you chose, the cancellation cost is as much as the entire cost of the package. With this, concerned consumers sent a letter to the SHA (Singapore Hotel Association) to persuade its members to give fairer contracts especially in the event of cancellation.

Apart from settling cancellation charges, you still have a lot of things to do. Telling many people that the wedding is off may be the hardest thing but it should be carried out. Here are some tips that you should consider:

  • Notifying the family, friends and guests – If you or your partner got cold feet, it is only right to notify the family, friends and guests early. If it is too late, at least have a decency to explain (not in full details) why the wedding is off.
  • Call off the honeymoon – If you arranged the honeymoon, it is crucial that you call and cancel the arrangements. You can recoup your expenses depending on your airline’s cancellation policy.
  • Call off the wedding dress – Call the dressmaker and see what you can do about it. But sometimes, you will not get your money back, What you can do though is to sell the gown in eBay or other bridal stores
  • Gifts – The gifts should be returned. You need to return everything that you have received along with a note. You should thank their generosity.
  • Engagement ring – The engagement ring should be returned as well. If it is a heirloom, you are required to return it to the family. If your partner bought it, it is basic etiquette to return the ring no matter the circumstances.

If the wedding is simply postponed, perhaps you will feel relieved when you tell this to other people. If the wedding will not happen, it would be difficult and it will affect you in ways that you cannot imagine but you have to think that life must go on.

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