Using Tears to Your Advantage  


For many, crying at work sounds humiliating – and it may even bring up mortifying memories. This may be the case but we have to know that there is a new research claiming that sometimes shedding few tears can be used to our advantage.

Secretary Crying in Office

The research titled “Weep and Get More”, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, found out that expressing sadness can help us during negotiation. However, there are certain situations that guarantee the effectiveness of crying.

Here are some situations:

  • If the crier is in a lower position: If the crier is in a lower position, the sympathy of the people will go directly to that person. If we are making a negotiation, the recipient will likely concede and feel concerned if we are in a lower position. Crying in this case will lead us to gain more at the end of the day.


  • If the recipient expects interaction in the future: We should not expect an interviewer to understand our crying because we only get to see them once but if we are negotiating for a time off or raise, they may be more compassionate at the end of the conversation.
  • If the relationship is two-way: If the relationship is two-way, there is a good chance that the recipient will concede to our terms. If the other party see our relationship as two-way, expressing sadness can be beneficial.

See? Crying can be used to our advantage but the key here is not to make it a habit. We have to remember that people will be fed up when sobbing or crying is a common occurrence.


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