Tips to Have the Best Wedding Live Band

Our wedding day is one of the most special occasions in our whole life. For that, we would do everything to make it the best one—from the choice of venue, bridal attire, invitations and favours, bridal car, to the entertainment for this once-in-a-lifetime celebration. We have in our minds a vision of our dream wedding, and we would do everything to turn it into a reality.

Wedding Live Music

One of the many aspects of wedding that we should give importance to planning is the wedding music. Music has a vital role in the wedding ceremony and in the celebration which comes right after. Sometimes, couples tend to overlook the importance of having good entertainment in coming up with a fun and extraordinary wedding.

On the Lookout

Since having good entertainment results to a successful event, you should be on the lookout for a talented and versatile Singapore wedding live band. If you are wondering how you could be able to find the best band, here’s a rundown of tips you might find useful in your search.

    • Begin your search in online websites. The Internet is an all-powerful source of all sorts of information including available music bands that can play in your wedding.
    • Seek out recommendations from your friends, your wedding planner, and other wedding vendors such as your photographer, videographer, or florist. Recommendations still are the best way to discover the best wedding live band in Singapore.
    • Book as early as possible to have the best Singapore wedding live band. It is advisable to have a lead time of 12 months, particularly if the music band you are planning to hire has lots of experience when it comes to performing at weddings. Even if your wedding venue has not yet been settled, you can still make bookings.
    • In evaluating your prospects, make sure that you hear each band like play so you can listen to their style of singing and playing music. You can either have an audition for them or visit a location where they are having a gig. In most cases, music bands can also provide sample CDs or DVDs with their type of music.

What to Ask

Hiring the best wedding live band in Singapore is akin to interviewing job applicants. Well, they are really up for a job of providing musical entertainment to your guests. Just as when you are interviewing people for a certain job, you also need to ask a few questions to every music band on your shortlist. Their answers to the following questions can help you have a sound judgment.

    • How many weddings have they performed for?
    • What is their style of playing? What genre is their forte?
    • Have they tried performing at weddings? What was their experience like?
    • Do they have a full breakdown of their talent fee and other costs? Is there an additional charge when they go overtime? How much will it be?
    • How much break do they need to take on the actual wedding reception? Will they provide background music while they are having a break, or should we prepare our own playlist?
    • How much time do they need to set up their musical instruments and other equipment? What is the earliest possible time they can arrive at the venue?

Once you have made up your mind and have chosen the best band to play wedding live music on your big day, make sure to put every bit of the terms and agreement into writing. Make sure that everything about the contract is clear, agreed upon, and final.

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