Tips for Picking the Right Room Color


This 2016, we want to change how we see and look at things. We can totally change our perspective or consider the more subtle and easier way – changing the color of our room. Color can affect our mood and productivity without us knowing.


To encourage good mood and inspire productivity, it is time to change the color of our room. Here are some secrets to pick the right room paint:

  1. Start small. Sometimes we are afraid to change the color of the room because we are uncertain of how it will turn out. If this is the case, we can start from small. You can for instance start with the bathroom and see how it can affect you before pursuing the walls.


  1. Think of your mood. Since you are going to change your room’s color, pick a color you want to feel. For example, choose colors that have soothing or restful effects. Soft and neutral colors will create a restful and quiet feeling compared to strong colors.


  1. Consider lighting. Paint stores have light boxes so you will have an idea of the colors when exposed to light. Remember that natural daylight will reveal the paint’s truest color while the incandescent lighting brings out yellows and other warm tones and fluorescent lighting reveals sharp blue tones.


  1. Follow the color wheel. Using the color wheel can be beneficial because it can give you an idea of color combinations. If you learn to use the color wheel, you will know what colors to maximize.

The great news is that all colors are available here in Singapore. If things are difficult, we can seek the help of experts.


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