Tips for Dressing Up in Your 30s

For people in their 30s, having a good sense of style is crucial. For many of us, this is the time of our lives when our career starts to take off, we have more purchasing power, and we are flirting with the idea of settling down. With all these things around, life naturally leads us to becoming smarter and more sophisticated with our fashion choices. Embrace this new phase of your life by stepping into the zone of grown-up style.

  1. Get a quality camisole

Your 30s is no longer the time to pack five cotton camisoles in your shopping cart for a deal of 5 for $20. Now is the time to go for quality over quantity. Get a silky and slinky cami, and make sure to take care of it and wash it the right way like a mature woman does.

  • Own a suit that isn’t solid

For the gents, dress according to age. In your 30s, you are significantly more established career-wise. Wear something more sophisticated and interesting than plain old navy coats. To give an impression of professionalism, get yourself a patterned suit for making sure you have something for all occasions—from weddings to job interviews.

  • Buy blouses instead of shirts

We’re not saying to trash your favorite Nirvana concert shirt. All we’re saying is that you should keep it nicely tucked at the back of your closet or wear it to bed ONLY. When shopping for outfits, exclusively look for sweaters and blouses—skip the t-shirt section.

  • Know the rules of buttoning

Gentlemen, as soon as you hit 30, there are only two buttoning numbers you need to know: zero and two. That is how many buttons you should keep undone when wearing button down shirts. Leaving only one button undone is great if you’re aiming for a 90s business-casual look. More than three? Just no. Two buttons is just perfect to give a smart yet casual vibe to your look.

  • Separate your formal heels from work heels

Thirties is no longer the time to own double-duty heels. Your formal heels should be of different style from your work heels. If work doesn’t require you to wear five-inch heels, then stick to kitten level. And if you have anything leopard, now is the time to let go of them. Stick to solid colors of black, beige, tan and red.

  • Get Your Clothes Tailored

It’s among the common mistakes that people in their 20s make, but it’s totally fine then. However, this is non-negotiable when you’re in your 30s. By this time, you should wear clothes that fits you well. Having an ill-fitting suit of a poorly contoured dress fixed by a tailor can instantly take the item’s stylishness to the next level.

A good rule of thumb here is: invest on quality. Ditch the cheap, trendy pieces and go for classic styling and clothing items.

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