Tips for an Effective Business Card Printing For Your Brand

For any business, first impression matters. The harsh reality is that it’s inevitable for people to judge you by what they see. The first shot to introduce yourself can last for only about 10 seconds or less even. You need high quality business card printing to promote your business or compensate a not so good first meeting.

You’ll never know who you’ll bump into the entire day you’re out. It’s always beneficial to have a business card prepared wherever you go. A business card is the simplest self-promotional material you can ever have. Because of its small size, it easily fits in your pocket or purse. If you need to bring several pieces, no problem. It should fit right in your small bag still.

Here are a few more things to remember for your online business card printing project to work effectively for you.

Look for a professional business card printer. The first step is to look for design and print business cards professionals that you can trust. Inquire about the card size dimensions that they require. Ask as well about the pixel size they recommend for the images you’re using. Do inquire as well, which colour mode they would recommend for you to work on. If you have an in-house graphic designer, you might want to discuss matters with them and the online business card printing company. This is so you can be sure that the design wouldn’t have to be compromised during the printing process. There are also business card printers who offer free business card templates that you can personalise online. You might want to check them out too, and see if there’s any design that you’d find interesting.

Think carefully about the colour palette you’re using. Make sure that the colours you are using for the design and print business cards go well together. Avoid using overly bright colours that may only put off your target audience. Be consistent as well with your colour palette. Make sure to use it in other print marketing materials you’re distributing. Refer to your brand logo so you can pick complementing background and font colour. Scan from the available business card templates so you can gauge how a particular colour combination would look like.

Skip using borders. You don’t want noticeable differences or variances where the business cards are cut. In this regard, you might want to avoid using borders altogether for your design. While they may look good and appealing, you’d want to ensure that the card’s overall look once printed doesn’t get distorted.

Finally, make sure your text is readable. This is the most important part of your business card. While the business card looks good at first glance, everything goes down the drain if users cannot read your text. Avoid putting too much detail. Limit information to the important ones, such as your contact information.

Taking your time the first time is a lot better than starting the process over again, correcting each of your previous mistakes. Remember that you can always seek the help of business card printing companies should you have further concerns on how you can improve your business cards.

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