Things to Wear this New Year  


We want to welcome the year fashionably. We might get invited to parties or better – join the New Year’s countdown. For some Singaporeans, the biggest hurdle is deciding what to wear. We have to look our best and in style. Here’s how we can usher the New Year with style:


  • Maxi skirt: Who said maxi skirts are not sexy? It can be sexy and fashionable if you combine it with a crop top. This is a good item to wear if you have plans to attend pool or rooftop parties. The good news is that it comes with variety of styles from pencil to A-line and tulle.
  • Floral: Floral patterned dresses are pretty you will surely turn heads during the party. Floral patterned dresses are timely pieces so you can just wear it anytime of the year. In fact, it can be a good conversation starter.


  • Palazzo pants: Some girls are wondering what to call tube-like pants that are comfortable and breezy. It is called palazzo. This pants shows that you do not need to sacrifice comfort for fashion since it is both comfortable and fashionable. These pants are chic and if you want to elongate your legs, wear heels.
  • Sequinned dress/top: If you really want to demand attention and dazzle other guests, you have to consider sequinned dresses or tops. If you wear sparky dress, remember to tone down your footwear, hair and make-up.
  • Jumpsuits: When you have exhausted all dresses, you can turn to jumpsuits and still be fashionable. Not all people consider jumpsuits during parties because they think that it is only for summer. The truth is, jumpsuits can be versatile.

Now you know what to wear. It is time to party.

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