Things to Triple Check in Your Résumé

When it comes to applying for a job, you need to understand that you’re only given one shot. Which is why it’s important that you submit a flawless résumé, or you’ll end ruining your chances at bagging your dream job. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed some of the things that you should be triple checking in your résumé before submitting it to your prospective employer.


  1. Font. When it comes to creating a résumé, avoid using the default Times New Roman font. This will make you look like you haven’t put any though into the typeface that you chose. Instead, go with simple and clean fonts like Helvetica. Not only is it clean, it also feels professional, honest and light-hearted. Definitely a safe résumé font choice.
  1. Spelling and Grammar. This one goes without saying, but it’s still important to triple check your grammar and spelling to avoid one sneaky typo from ruining your job opportunity. Read it out loud to see if something sounds off. If you’re not satisfied with checking it on your own, ask a family or a close friend to check it for you too. Better be safe than sorry.
  1. CV Length. If your CV is longer than two A4 pages, then you’ve most likely included some unnecessary details. Understand that as you get older, the lesser the people will care about your earlier achievements like your high school awards or your first jobs. Tailor your résumé by only including the position that you’re applying, details of your job experiences and the qualifications that you have, which are relevant to the job in question. Also, consider reformatting some areas in your CV to make it look more succinct.


  1. File Format. You might have the best CV in the world, but that would mean nothing if your prospective employer can’t open it. When creating your résumé, ensure that you only save it standard file formats like .doc or PDFs. Only a handful of employers would be willing to scroll through a PowerPoint to see if you’re a good match for the job you’re applying for.
  1. Subject Line. Oftentimes, job hiring ask their applicants to specify a particular title in the subject line to help them differentiate your message from the generic emails that they receive every day. So when you email your CV, ensure that you haven’t left anything off. Most companies tend to get hundreds to thousands of applications for a single position every day, so make yours standout by following their simple instructions in the job ad.

Apart from your job interview outfit, your résumé is another important thing that you should work on when applying for a job, so make sure that you triple check your CV before submitting it and you’ll bag the job that you’ve always wanted.


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