The Reasons Behind Successful People’s Unsuccessful Marriage  


When we are married, we do our best to fortify our relationship and prevent it from crumbling down. The efforts of others pay off but reality tells us that not all marriages last – not even to the seemingly perfect couples.


Divorce is not new here in Singapore and the world. The recent announcement of the “A couple” Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner about their divorce shook the world. The couples seem to be perfect and happy. Why is it that  that after ten years of marriage they finally ended it?

According to a Business Insider life coach, Laurie Gerber, there are different factors that contribute to the split. Gerber pointed out the following factors or reasons behind successful people’s unsuccessful marriages:


  • Other things come first before marriage: For successful people, career comes first before anything else. This is the reason why they do not have enough vision for their relationship. It is crucial that couples need to align their visions and put the relationship first before anything else.
  • Couples stop doing little things: When we are courting, we do things (even little ones) so we can get that elusive “yes”. Unfortunately, the little things tend to be forgotten when we are couples. Little things seem to be irrelevant. We only focus our attention to bigger things and ignoring the things that matter the most. Couples should rekindle their feelings by spending alone time with each other.

These things are simple yet it can contribute to the biggest split in our life. Divorce should never be an option when we decide to marry someone.


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