The Perfect Make-Up Cover


Whether we are going to work or to a party, we need that perfect cover up if we want to look striking. Choosing the right makeup base is the beauty equivalent of finding that perfect HDB flat here in Singapore. It takes a lot of effort from getting the right shade to discovering the formulas that suit our skin type.

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We can start achieving that perfect cover up by employing foundation. Wearing foundation is perhaps the trickiest in the makeup bible. We have to put carefully because if we get it wrong, we will look like a geisha or worse a clown. However, if we get it right, we will look like just ourselves – with better complexion.

It is indeed better to apply as little product on our skin as possible but priming our face is necessary step especially if we are considering a foundation. Primer is important because it can even out the complexion and it allows proper adhesion of foundation. After the primer, it is time that we look for that perfect cover up. We need to know that foundation comes in different formulas. We only need to find one that suits our skin type best.

Here are some foundations for skin types:

  • Liquid: Among the formulas, liquid foundation is the most popular one because it is versatile. The good thing is that it works for all skin types and has a medium coverage. Most of the liquid foundations have a natural finish. The natural finish mimics the texture of the skin as it absorbs the product.


  • Cream: Cream has a rich and heavy formulation. This is the reason why cream foundations are good for dry skin. Compared to liquid foundation, cream foundation will give heavier coverage. The good thing about this foundation is that its strength to hold up under the harshest lighting or other environmental conditions.


  • Mousse: Mousse is as popular as the others. Mousse is a good choice for a light, everyday coverage. Mousse has a whipped consistency which works well with combination to oily skin. Mousse foundations are oil-free. Because of this, it gives a satiny finish and can be easily applied in thin layers. It is easy to tone it down or build it up.

Now that we know something about foundations, it is time that we put it in good use. If foundations are not our type, we can just ignore it but if we want to even our complexion, this is really a must.


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