The Peranakan Museum

The Peranakan Museum, as the name suggests is an establishment that specializes in Peranakan culture. The infrastructure is the first museum among its kind around the world which extensively explores and studies Peranakan cultures and traditions not only in Singapore but as well as in other past Straits Settlements, such as those in Penang and Malacca and many other Peranakan societites in the Southeast Asian region.

01 Understanding the Nonya and Baba @ Peranakan Museum (Singapore) (Large)

The establishment is a sister museum to the Asian Civilizations Museum. The museum is situated in the Old Tao Nan School building located at Armenian Street and functions as an extension of the Asian Civilizations Museum’s collection of different historical artifacts.

On January 1, 2006, the establishment, which was then known as Asian Civilizations Museum 1, had the Armenian street wing closed for a key makeover. During its temporary closure, the managing body of the museum opted for Peranakan culture over a Chinese ceramic museum and a Children’s museum as the new theme of their exhibit in the Tao Nan School building.


By doing this, the Museum was now able to accommodate the first and foremost comprehensive and unique collection of historic and cultural Peranakan artifacts and tool in the world; the museum garners an estimated number of 112,000 visitors each year. Furthermore, the renovation made way for an extra 25 percent exhibition space that enabled more Peranakan themed literature and furniture to be displayed.

The establishment formally opened to the public on April 25, 2008. It has 10 permanent galleries that showcase key themes of the Peranakan culture and everyday life. A major attraction of the establishment is the Peranakan Wedding Bed that previously belonged to Mrs. Quah Hong Chiam of Penang.




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