The High Price of Being High Fashion

6 Fashion Pieces That Are Hurting Your Back
It’s no surprise that fashion pieces like sky-high heels and heavy carryalls are doing some damage on our back, but you may be surprised to know the other fashion saboteur in your wardrobe. Not really sure as to what to watch out for? Then here are six fashion pieces that may be doing some serious damage on your spine.


  1. Halter Neck Tops. Although this piece is really stylish, wearing this style too often can pull your neck forward, creating muscle tension and forcing your shoulders to be slumped and rounded. The trick here is to ensure that the halter top you’ll be wearing won’t be too tight and won’t alter the way you stand.
  1. Pencil Skirts. It may no longer be a surprise that this piece will do no good for your spine, but pencil skirts often bind your knees together making it quite difficult for you to bend. Those who wear pencil skirts might often find themselves suffering from a strained back over, which if not treated early on, could lead to a disc problem or a pulled muscle.
  1. Skinny Jeans. Jeans that are too tight around the waist, hip and calve area might make normal walking almost impossible, leading to too much pressure in the joints. Putting on a tight belt will only make this problem worse and even contribute to leg pain.


  1. If it fits properly, then it won’t be harmful for your back. If you force yourself into a constricting shapewear however, then you might find yourself dealing with limited movements and breathing problems, which will later cause too much pressure on the spine.
  1. Heavy Necklaces. An average head weights between 10 to 12 lbs and it is the job of the neck to balance that weight. Add a heavy embellishment necklace into the mix and it’ll surely cause neck tension, change in posture and have a negative impact on your back.
  1. Large Carryalls. While they might be one of the hottest trend in the fashion scene today, large bags couldn’t be any worse for your back. Carrying one increases your risk of having muscle strain, causing neck, shoulder and upper back pain. A good tip to remember when carrying this kind of bag is to avoid overfilling it. Also, switch sides while carrying it to ease the stress of the weight on your shoulders.

While it’s alright to stay trendy, it’s also important that you ensure that the pieces you’re wearing and carrying around won’t cause some serious problems in your body, particularly your back. Remember, sacrificing your health just to look stylish isn’t fashionable.


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