The Fashion industry of Singapore

The mindset, that you have to go to the west to get the best in terms of fashion and apparel is fast changing, thanks to the immergence of Singapore- the Fashion Mainland of Asia. Singapore has single handedly proved that one needn’t be established in the west to get recognized but rather has caught the attention of the world with its very own local Brand names and designers. So much so that Singapore is in line just next to Milan and Paris to be recognized as a fashion capital. The only difference between these established fashion capitals and Singapore is that up until recently there were no major international brand names in Singapore. But that too seems to be changing thanks to the fashion potential and the ardent effort made by the tourism board of this island country.


From Local to International

The Singaporean brands and designers have had a great role to play in putting Singapore on the fashion map of the world. Having gained popularity within the country and the subcontinent, there are many local brands that have created their own niche in the international market. Singapore has always had its name in the textile world and has its own share of local boutiques and markets which flaunt their own unique style. With the boom in tourism and a potential market for high end fashion it was only a matter of time till the biggies in the international fashion world took a step towards Singapore. With the Marina Bay Sand, and the big names displayed in this luxury retail mall it further goes to show Singapore’s emergence as a strong contender in the Fashion World. With a myriad of international brands like Channel, Versace BlackBerry etc. one does see an upsurge in the number of international brands interested in establishing themselves in the country.

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