The Different Types of Women’s Footwear and What They’re for

Footwear is a staple to looking your best anywhere you go and whatever you do. Whether they’re heels or stilettos to gym sneakers, a good pair that goes well with your outfit will be sure to make you an eye-turner.

But before you go ahead and head to the nearest store, you should know exactly what kind of pair you should put on your feet. But with so many different types of shoes for women, how do you know where to start?

Well, you’re in luck. Women’s shoes often fall into three categories: heels, wedges, and flats. Here are some of the different types in each category:

• Kitten Pumps – This is the quintessential go-to pair, whether it’s for work, any formal event, or even a casual party, when you can do without the extra height but need to move around for a while.

• High Heels – Also known as “pumps”, they’re usually wider than kitten pumps and are between two and three inches in height. They’re also low cut around the front.

• Stilettos – Think of high heels, but a little higher (about eight inches) and flat-bottomed in front. Now you have a pair of heels that work wonders for enhancing your height.

• Ballroom Dance Shoes – Originally designed for ballroom dancing (duh!), they’re a must-have if you have plans on wowing fellow guests by showing off your moves.

• Wedged Heels – Wedged heels offer you the same height advantages of heels without the discomfort. Simply pair with a sleek, sexy black top along with a high-waist skirt and a ponytail, and you can basically see the flashes and paparazzi coming your way.

• Wedged Sandals – They’re basically wedged heels, but they’re a more open-toed option if you like to go along with a little tease for your outfit.

• Menswear-Inspired Flats – Whether they’re Oxfords, loafers, or bluchers, they all offer the same degree of polish as their male counterparts (without the arches, of course!).

• D’orsay Flats – Polished enough to pass as office wear without sacrificing the comfort, they’re great to wear for when you know you’re in for a long commute.

• Sneakers – Nothing says casual, everyday wear more than the ultimate comfort footwear that is sneakers. Whether you’re headed to the gym or simply out for a quick run to the grocery store, a good trusty pair is a must-have to keep around in your closet.

• Ballet Flats – Also called “doll shoes” in some countries, they’re quick and easy to slip on and go great with most casual outfits, especially jeans.

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