The Basics of Crossfit Training


Today, more and more workouts claim to be the answer for burning fats whilst building muscle. Many Singaporeans want to be sexy and fit at the same time. It is great that we have many choices when it comes to workout but we must agree that it has never been more confusing.


If we are a fitness nerd, we tried almost every workout here in Singapore from dance classes to running, Muay Thai, boxing, weight training, cardio and aero. Membership fee is not a problem as long as the workout we chose live to our expectations. However, there is a new workout that changed the lives of many people around the world.

The workout is called crossfit and it has been molding bodies for almost fifteen years with thousands of affiliates around the world. We should give crossfit due credit by learning everything we can about it.

  • What is crossfit? Crossfit is a strength and conditioning workout. It combines medicine ball training, rowing, plyometrics, weightlifting, gymnastics, sprinting, powerlifting and kettlebell training. The workouts include different movements that should be performed at high intensity. In crossfit, the coach will introduce “workout of the day” and we will do that in a short span say 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Why it works? Crossfit is not an ordinary workout. If ordinary people wants to achieve extraordinary result, crossfit is definitely for them. The goal of crossfit is to fight against stagnancy – that is ensuring that the body will not get used to a specific workout. This means that every session will be tough and always be a struggle. Despite this, we are assured that the workout is effective.


  • How will it change us? Since crossfit will continue us to push our limits, we have to abandon unhealthy lifestyles that prevent us from performing. Crossfit is done with a group and is performance based, that alone is enough to press us to do well or at least do better than before.
  • What are the benefits? Like other workouts, crossfit will change the body. The flabs will disappear giving way to a toned body. It does not end there because another advantage is the acquiring the skill and the strength. The last benefit is acquiring that mental toughness. When we are halfway through a workout, we will feel quitting but if we have that mental toughness, we will keep going anyway.

For people who really want to see the result, crossfit is the most efficient one. It only lasts 20 to 30 minutes (so it won’t take much of our time). It is best for students and young professionals.


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