Singapore: Why Grass is Green?

There are many questions to ask which talks about colors. Why the ocean is blue? Why roses are red? And many more. These are only few questions that a child is asking but the question that is mostly asked by children is that, why the grass is green. This is probably a big question for them because as they are playing in the field all they see is grass.


In Our Science Class

We all know that grass is a plant. It is a plant that grows very fast. As a matter of fact, it grows 3 inches per day. On the other hand, Plant needs light from the sun to generate food. This is the cycle called photosynthesis. One important element in photosynthesis is chlorophyll. It’s plays a very vital role during the process as it keeps the light from the sun and creates color in plants. And whether you like it or not, it is a process that cannot be hindered.


The Answer

We can see different colors because of light. Without light everything we see is dim black. But when lights pass through our eyes, the light bounces back which create variety of colors. On the other hand, the usual color that you can see in chlorophyll is green. This is because this element stores blue and red light and when it bounces off in our eyes it produces yellow or green color. So, the reason why grass it green is that it contains chlorophyll, a special element with green pigment.



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