Safety Tips for Women Who Travel Alone  


Doesn’t matter if you’re traveling for business or for pleasure- safety is the utmost concern. Traveling alone, especially for women, makes us high-risk targets for petty crimes and violence.


According to the latest global travel statistics, 50 percent of all people who travel for business are female. The biggest safety risk for women are robberies, bag-snatching and sexual assault. Women tend to be more vulnerable than men, making them easier targets for lawless elements.

These facts may be alarming but the important thing is to be prepared and vigilant. We offer you travel advice for a safe travel.

Clothing Choices

One important aspect of a safe travel is the clothes we choose to wear. Before your flight, do some quick research on your travel destination regarding acceptable clothing so you won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Obviously, we have to dial down and dress conservatively when in uncharted territory. Generally, the appropriate business attire is a knee-length skirt paired with a jacket. Also, be aware of the cultural differences of other countries. What may be acceptable in one may not be well-received in other places.


Behavior and Conduct

See to it that you know all the details regarding your travel. Make sure you know all about your transportation details from airport pickup. If possible, carry a crossbody bag because these are harder to snatch. Moreover, carry your bag on the side that’s opposite of the road if you are taking a walk.

It’s also a good move to wear a wedding ring or have an imaginary boyfriend story to ward off men who may lurk near you. If you exude a self-confident and assertive demeanor, you can easily ward off unwanted attention and make yourself a hard target for criminals.


Go easy on the alcoholic drinks when you are hanging out in some place unfamiliar, especially if you are alone. If you are with colleagues from work, make sure not to stray away from them. It’s better to get them to accompany you to the door of your hotel room to avoid blitz attacks.

Never forget to double-lock your hotel room door before retiring for bed or going out. It’s also a good move to bring a rubber doorstopper that you can wedge on your hotel door so that it’s shut tight from the inside.


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