Regulating Food Cravings During Breastfeeding

It is normal for pregnant and lactating mothers to have cravings of fried and sugary foods. If you are lactating, you need extra 500 kcal to yield milk for the little one. This need plus your hectic schedule can prompt food cravings. The bad news is that you do not eat whatever you want especially with the little one getting nutrition from you.

You have to be conscious of your diet for the sake of the little one. You cannot curb your food cravings all the time but you can manage these cravings and ease it with some controlling tips. Here are some tips on controlling your cravings during breastfeeding:

• Stick to small servings: If you are craving for sugary treats, you can satisfy that but keep in mind it should be small servings. Do not go for artificial ones. The best is to stock foods that have natural sugar like raisins, figs, dates and apricots. These foods can immediately satisfy the cravings plus they are full of minerals and vitamins which are good for you and the baby.

• Stick to healthier cooking methods: If you are craving for fried foods, you have to think about healthier cooking methods. For example, instead of opting for fried fries, you can personally bake it. Baking potatoes is a healthier cooking method than deep frying it with oil. After baking is done, sprinkle salt, little oil and mix it with herbs.

• Concoct different recipes: If you are craving for carbohydrates, think of concocting different recipes using healthy ingredients. Yes, bread and pasta can immediately satiate your carbohydrate cravings but it is not very healthy. Use whole grains mixed with vegetables, sugarless jams, cheese and the like.

• Keep your fridge full: If you are craving for some more sweets, make sure that your fridge is full with fruits. It is an excellent source of nutrients and vitamins. For example, keep a steady supply of banana, apples, berries, peaches and pears.

• Store low-fat milk and yoghurt: If you want to satisfy sugar cravings at the same time meet calcium requirement, it is best to store low-fat milk and yoghurt. This is best so when you need it, it is already available. This is better than eating fruit cake. Always opt for fresh fruit and milk.

For lactating women, it is always advisable to satisfy craving only if it is healthy. This is better than resisting them. Resisting your craving is another issue that can lead to stress and depression – you do not want that. The secret here is to balance everything and always eat the healthy way.

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