Reclaiming What Was Once Ours: Slim Waist  

Almost all girls here in Singapore want a slim waist. Unfortunately, maintaining that slim waist proves to be a challenge. For self-conscious people, if our waist is not well looked after, it will surely expand and it will cost us our self-confidence. We do not want that because it is harder to earn it again.


It is therefore important that we practice precaution when we are dealing with our waist (or what others call belly flat). The good news is that there are myriad of things that we can do to earn or reclaim what was once ours. We only need to be patient and determined. The attitude is important because there lays our success. So, here are some activities that we need to ensure for a slimmer waist:

  1. Prepare for a change of diet. If we want a slimmer waist, we have to consider weight loss. We have to remember that weight loss cannot be attained through exercise alone. We need to stick to a healthy diet. This means that we need to reduce our calorie intake so we can see results. There are many foods that can specifically help us attain slimmer waist. We only need to make smart food choices. Health specialists recommend at least one to two pounds a week of calorie intake. If it goes beyond that, slimmer waist is not possible.


  1. Change your eating habits. If we do not eat breakfast, it is time that we consider it. We have to kick off the day with a balanced breakfast. Experts are reminding us that a healthy breakfast jumpstarts our metabolism which will allow us to burn more calories as we go along. Apart from making breakfast a habit, we also need to get acquainted to eating smaller, more frequent meals. Dieters often starve themselves but that is not healthy. The secret is to eat more frequently.
  1. Commit to exercise. Even if we only consider diet, our belly flat will just sag. We need exercise to tone everything. It is important that we do not miss exercise because it can speed up the process. We have to commit to exercise regardless of the rigorous routine. Remember that good results spring from dedication and hard work. To be more effective, we can ask for the help of personal trainers. They will design a routine and help us achieve it. We only have to consider two things – we do plenty of cardio and work out the correct core muscles.


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