Reasons Why You Should Try to Maintain a Good Posture

There are many factors that can lead to bad posture. One of the most common, though, is sitting for long hours. Whether you have an office job in or outside of Singapore, you’re bound to sit for almost the whole day. We usually don’t even notice that we slouch already. But then again, having good posture is actually more important than we consider it to be. Here are some reasons why.

1. It keeps our bones and muscles healthy

Naturally, when you have bad posture, your bones and muscles are not positioned as they are supposed to be. This gives constant tension and unnecessary stress to your skeletal system, your muscles, and some joints as well. If you stick to a bad posture in the long-term, you’ll definitely see its effects as you grow older. That’s why good posture is important if you don’t want your bones and muscles to deteriorate quickly over time.

2. Helps one avoid or relieve back pain

Lower back pain is already a very common problem nowadays. One of the main reasons we get back pain is simply because we have bad posture. Again, this is because our bones and muscles are not positioned correctly when we neglect our posture too much. That, in turn, causes stiffness and eventually pain. When you have good posture, it will be very unlikely that you’ll get back pain as you get older. Unless, of course, other factors come into play.

3. Improved breathing and lung capacity

Because we don’t see what’s happening inside our bodies, we tend not to pay attention to our organs. But having good posture can actually help your lungs. You’ll hardly notice it but when you slouch, your lungs are being compressed. Of course, that means you’re breathing will be limited. So maintaining good posture can at least help you inhale and exhale air more effectively.

4. Increased energy

If your muscles and bones are in the right position, they take less energy to do certain movements. This is because the muscles are positioned as they should be, so they can move as naturally as possible. Because your muscles won’t have to work as hard as they are supposed to, you’ll feel more energetic and less fatigued.

5. It can give one confidence

For one, having a good posture can make you appear taller. For some, that can already be a great confidence booster. Just try to observe how different it is when you walk around slouching and when you’re standing upright. Not only does it also help one’s self-confidence, it also makes one appear more confident to others. This, of course, will help you in many aspects of life from your health, to your career, and even your relationships.

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