Reasons to Consider Using Dating Apps

For a time, online dating apps were the talk of the town, not only in Singapore but all around the world. These days though, a lot of people are starting to bat an eye on online dating. So are there still reasons for you to try it out? The answer is, yes! Read on to see why.

1.  It’s fun!

One of the reasons why online dating apps became popular was that they provided a fresh take on finding a partner. It’s generally a fun and interactive way to meet people, without even meeting them at first, if that makes sense. Many people still find it entertaining that you can just “swipe left” if you’re not interested in the other person and vice versa.

2.  You can meet unexpected people

Another fun aspect of online dating is that you have the chance to meet people you’d never have imagined meeting. Most apps connect you locally to other people near you even if you don’t them at all. This is simply a great way to meet different kinds of people. You never know, your future partner might actually be someone you don’t even expect!

3.  It’s generally convenient

Online dating apps are made to be quick and convenient. You can just add a description of yourself and wait for people to swipe you right. It also gives you the ability to just ignore those who you don’t think are a good match for you. Compared to meeting a complete stranger on a first date, you’ll at least know that you already have similarities with someone you meet in a dating app.

4.  You can easily see who you’re compatible with

Consider this example. Your friend says he’ll hook you up with someone he knows. Aside from the fact that your friend knows the other person, you’re still strangers to each other. That means you don’t know if you’ll like this person or not. If you see each other on your first date, there’s still a 50-50 chance that you won’t like each other. With dating apps, you can at least be confident that you’ll like the person. You’ve swiped right for him/her anyway.

5.  There are a lot of people using it

Even though we said that people are batting an eye on dating apps, it certainly does not mean that no one is doing it anymore. As said earlier, you’ll have the opportunity to meet different kinds of people through a dating app. It’s still a trendy way to meet potential partners. That, in itself, sparks curiosity for many people as well. And there’s really nothing wrong with trying it these days. You’ll never really know who you’ll meet and how great your chances are of actually finding love!

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