Psst! 5 Incredible Destinations for Your 2017 Trip


In a matter of a month, 2016 will be over and another year will begin. If your 2016 was filled with fun and excitement for visiting well-loved destinations, let your 2017 be the time for unique experiences as you discover the beauty of under-the-radar vacation spots. Let the coming year be the time for more explorations and discoveries at some of the world’s best hidden gems.

  1. Tiger Leaping Gorge (China)

China’s modern skylines or epically long stone walls may not be the makings of an adventurer’s dream, but there’s more to this Republic than meets the eye. In the amazing province of Yunnan in the southwest part of China is where you’ll find the Tiger Leaping Gorge trek. Beyond the chance to witness authentic Chinese culture, you’ll also be exposed to the rugged, natural beauty that isn’t yet popular among most of the tourists.

  1. Lofoten Islands (Norway)

If you prefer icy destinations over beach getaways and have the passion for water sports, Norway may be a dream destination for you. Also, the place is a perfect spot for hiking and skiing, so land-based activities should be on your itinerary as well. Have fun kayaking between islands, sampling local delicacies and exploring villages in the lovely Islands of Lofoten. The safety, hospitality and remoteness of the place make an ideal hideaway for solo travellers.

  1. Lake District (England)

If you just want to unwind and relax—alone or with your significant other—a trip up north of England will lead you to the dreamy Lake District. Take a train to Windermere, where you will find vast fields that are perfect for long, relaxing walks. For a lovely dinner, book a spot at L’Enclume, a well-renowned restaurant in the district and one of the top restaurants given honours by the Good Food Guide to Britain

  1. Baku (Azerbaijan)

Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, is a modern city. However, it’s also a home for charming medieval sightings. To get the most of your trip, we suggest joining a walking tour with a local Nijat. Stroll along Nizami Street, discover the beautiful architecture and exhibits of Heydar Aliye Center and be mesmerized with the courtyard of the Palace of Shirvanshahs.

  1. Gates of the Arctic National Park (Alaska)

Travellers with proficient survival skills should experience this untouched wilderness spread across the massive 8.4 million acres of northern Alaska. This arctic park has no campsites, trails or roads, which means trekking in this landscape surely is an ultimate kind of adventure. Home to 700-mile Brooks Range mountain range and six rivers, the place provides an excellent fishing opportunity in addition to its breathtaking scenery.

When presented with a list of adventure tips and travel opportunities, it’s daunting to narrow down your choices. But whatever destinations you choose for your 2017 adventure, by choosing less popular places, you’ll surely enjoy your vacation without the stress of long queues and overcrowded sights.

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