New Useful Apps in the Market

There are many mobile applications these days. Some are created to make the lives of people easier while some are created for the fun of it. Have you heard about the newly launched EZ-Link mobile application? This mobile application can store up the value of your EZ-Link card. This is the first application that mechanizes payment by directly charging it to the designated debit and credit cards of users.1

The mobile application only works on Smartphones that are within NFC (Near Field Communications) enabled. NFC is a technology that can permit mobile payment; it transmits wirelessly. With this new breakthrough, commuters do not need to go to EZ-Link counters or ATMs anymore. If you are interested, the first thing that you need to do is enter your personal well as payment details before the management can actually connect your EZ-Link card to your Smartphone.

Apart from the EZ-Link mobile applications, there are other companies or organizations that transformed their system into cashless payments. Companies or organizations that transformed their system into cashless payments include:

  • Nets FlashPay – Nets FlashPay can store up to S$500. This was initiated in 2009. There are more or less 3.2 million cards distributed here.
  • Visa Paywave – Visa Paywave uses debit or credit cards for transactions as long as it is below S$100. This was initiated in 2007. So far, 1.5 million of people use this payment transaction.
  • PayPass  – PayPass does not use anything except the Smartphone. Payments can be done when the phone is placed over a PayPass card reader. This was initiated in 2013. To date, there are about 20,000 vendors who use this.

Now you do not need to go to ATMs when you run out of money. There are mobile applications that you can rely now.



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