Life Lessons for Children  


Children are blessings but sometimes they can be overwhelming that it can be difficult to keep up. As parents, surviving our child’s first five years is a milestone but it is just the beginning of everything. When our children grow up, we need to make them understand things. We have the responsibility to shape their future.


With this, as parents, we need to be strong and steady for our kids. Worrying for the future of our children is normal because we are parents but we have to accept that there will come a time that our children will make their own decisions. They will base their decisions according to life lessons we pass on to them. It is therefore important that whilst our children are young, we build a better foundation.

Here are the life lessons our children need to know:

  • We will not get everything we want: Kids are blinded by the idea of getting whatever they want by simply crying or having tantrums. We have to teach our children as young as they can be that we will not get everything we want in life and it pays to be contented.
  • Life can be frustrating and disappointing but press on: They will not understand at such a young age but they will eventually. We have to let them understand that life can be frustrating and disappointing – sometimes. If ever they get disappointed or frustrated, they should press on. After all, nothing worth having comes easy.

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  • Invest in relationships that matter: When our children become teens, they will jump from one relationship to another. There are times that they will forget about their family relationship. That is not good. We have to let them comprehend that the quality of their relationship determines their quality of life.
  • Show respect: We have to teach our children to show respect regardless of the age, gender, job, appearance, educational qualifications and social status in life. Being polite and considerate is an important attitude that we will teach our children and it begins with us.
  • Take care of the body: When our kids are young, we let them eat whatever they want but it should not be the case. As young as they can be, they have to know that taking care of the body is important. Taking care of the body is the simplest form of glory we can give to our maker.
  • It is okay to be different: The society has this concept of what is normal or not. If we are not in the circle of normal, we are tabooed. Thankfully modern people are open-minded. We have to teach our children that it is okay to be different and they should not pressure their selves to fit or blend in.

Guiding our children here in Singapore is challenging but the joy will never compare to the hardships.


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