Know the Real Deal with Single Speed Bikes

Biking has become a favorite pastime for many Singaporeans. The higher level of health awareness and the need to keep the environment clean and green only add up reasons for more and more people to turn into biking. The country offers many cycling routes and trails for their everyday bikers and even recommends some biking tours for tourists who want to see Singapore in a different light. Singapore is really a big city of concretes which makes for great urban road biking. And when it comes to city cyclists, the best option for them is to get a Single Speed Bike. A Single Speed Bikes is a bicycle that is single-geared or has only one gear on its drivetrain. The bike is stripped down to its bare essentials and is generally lighter, faster, and more great-looking than the multi-geared bicycles.


They Are Low Maintenance

Getting a Single Speed Bike can save you a lot of stress (not to mention your money and time). Since the bike is made up of only the basic essentials, you only need to worry about the wheels, brakes, and cranks. So that means less time for the maintenance and repair and more time for enjoyable biking.

They Are Very Affordable

Getting a Single Speed Bike won’t ruin your budget. You can have the best-looking best-performing bike in your neighborhood and still get to keep your savings. The first factor that makes these bikes so cheap is because the lesser number of component parts on the bike already make it cheap. Another factor is the fact that they’re so easy to maintain and repair. They take the least amount of time to fix and the least amount of labor making for really low spending on a bike.

They Are Really Light

Getting a Single Speed Bike means you can take it with you wherever you go. This also means you can even take the bike with you upstairs in your apartment to keep off from bicycle thieves. These bikes are so light they are so easy to manhandle. Their light weight also means the biker can save power in          driving the bike forward in a given gear ratio.


They Are Very Efficient

Getting a Single Speed Bike means more efficiency. Unlike their multi-geared counterparts, riding the Single Speed Bike will save you from having to keep shifting gears. What this also means is less hassle especially for shorter trips and for those who commute daily. The bike’s straight chain line also adds up to the biker’s smoother, longer, and faster pedaling. These bikes can also be a source of a great workout.

They Are Great on Flat Ground

Getting a Single Speed Bike is your best choice for city biking. These bikes are best used on flat grounds and enable efficient maneuvering on city traffic and hazards. But this also means that bikers will face more difficulty and harder work when climbing uphill or on a more varied topography as compared to riding multi-geared bikes.


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