In Singapore: Famous Singaporean street food

Due to cosmopolitan nature of the citizens of Singapore, you will get plenty of variety in street food such as Chinese, Indian, and Muslim food etc. Around ten million people travel to Singapore in every year. Two things are very famous in Singapore, shopping and street food items. You will get food items in Hawker Centre and Food Courts. These places are very clean and hygienic. These places are quite safe to enjoy variety of local food items. You can test all these items without upsetting your stomach. Formal restaurants are also available in Singapore.


Orchard road is one of the famous areas for shopping and food courts. Selection of food is difficult due to variety of choices. Let’s discuss about some famous food items which you can try it during your trip.

Fish head curry

If you want to test Kerala touch and Indian form of food in Singapore, you will find out this dish at Banana Leaf Restaurant on Upper Bukit Timah Rd. This restaurant is Asian Indian touch restaurant. This food item is served with rice and a south Indian mango pickle. This dish is prepared by using head of the fish with other vegetables such as tomatoes, lady finger and onion and thick gravy. It is a spicy dish.

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