Important Safety Tips for a Travel Junky


When you are travelling alone or with company, safety precautions should be practiced. While you want to enjoy and visit one place or another, you still need to consider your security since you will never know what to expect once you’re already there. Travel junkies shared that in order to assure your safety first, you should follow these tips:


  1. Research. Read about the place you are going to visit. Make sure that you know enough information to help you out during your stay. You wouldn’t want to ask each person you meet there about tourist destinations or their culture, etc. You need to research in advance in order to acquire a greater experience.


  1. Prepare a list of emergency contact numbers. This is probably one of the most important lists you need to carry while you travel. You need to be prepared and know who to contact in case of emergencies. Include contact numbers of your family, hospitals, hotel, airport, Philippine Embassy, etc. You might also want to include addresses to be more specific. Make sure to keep a copy of it in your carry-on bag and also take a snap of the document in your phone.


  1. Inform your Family. If you are travelling alone, make sure your family knows where you are and who you’re with (especially if you’ve met new found friends). Inform them on your flight itineraries, hotel and tour bookings. This is not mainly for them to monitor you but just a precautionary measure in case you would need help.


  1. Travel Light. Don’t bring too much things so that you won’t attract tourist vultures. Travel light especially when you are travelling in public areas.


  1. Blend in. Do not let the locals or other people know that you are a tourist. As much as possible, blend in. Just wear simple clothes and less jewelry and accessories in order to avoid drawing attention.


  1. Always carry a map with you. Like Dora the Explorer, always bring a map with you. You should not rely solely to your GPS or Google Maps since your connection might not be stable all the time. Bring your own map with you to help guide you especially during emergencies.


  1. Respect local customs. Don’t be rude and try to follow the city or country’s culture and customs. Respect their laws and way of life.


  1. Follow your intuition. Always follow your gut feel. When everything doesn’t work out the way it should be or if you are stuck in a situation you don’t know how to get out of, follow what your heart and mind dictates you. Run if you must, especially if it’s an emergency.


  1. Be kind and polite. Kindness can really take you to places. Being courteous can help gain you new friends and a few more extra help.


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