How to Stay Healthy With Your Partner

If you haven’t already noticed, couples tend to adopt each other’s health and eating habits. Some like to go to the gym together and others like to eat a lot together as well. So for better or for worse, you will most likely have similar health choices with your partner. If you’re starting to go to the unhealthy side of the spectrum though, there’s no need to worry! Here are some tips to help you live healthy together.

Show your partner the benefits

One of the best ways to start is to show your partner the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle Whether he eats junk food and fast food all day or he doesn’t really care if he’s eating right or not, start by highlighting the positive impact of simply being healthy.

If he starts to get sick often, has difficulty sleeping, or feels exhausted all the time, show him how he can change all that by starting to live a better lifestyle. By then, your partner should already be convinced!

Make the transition smooth

If you and your partner have little to no experience with healthy choices, don’t turn your life around in an instant. You really don’t have to make changes overnight. Let’s say you eat junk food between breakfast and lunch, and also between lunch and dinner.

What you can do is substitute the junk food for fruits during your breakfast-lunch snack and then limit your junk food intake in the afternoon. After a week, you can start eating fruits for both snack times and completely eliminate your junk food intake. 

Cook and eat at home

First of all, you’re more likely to eat healthier when you’re cooking at home. You can basically control the portion sizes of each dish and you also know what ingredients have been used. Again, you won’t have to make big changes here too.

You can start, for example, by simple adding more vegetables or healthier ingredients to meals that you already know how to cook. Remember, you don’t need to learn a whole new recipe just so you can eat healthy! When you’re at home, remember to always eat at the dining table as well. If you eat in front of the TV, you might get distracted and eat more than necessary.

Be exercise buddies

No “healthy living” list would be complete without making exercise a point. Go for a jog in some park around Singapore, lift weights together in an ActiveSG gym, do sports, and etc. There are a lot of physical activities you can do out there and rest assured each one will be more fun with a partner. Plus, if you become exercise buddies, you can be responsible for each other’s progress and motivate each other a lot better.

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