How to Make Your House Feel More Like a Home (in 6 Easy Steps)

Whether you’ve just moved in or cleaned out your home, keep in mind that it’s more than just a place to live in – it should be a place that makes you feel welcome when you come back after a long day.

While it’s not necessary to go all-out on your interior decorating, it does help to add a few pieces to spruce up your own place.

Here’s how you can make your HDB flat feel more like home (and give it a personal touch):

1. Hang art.

Hanging art may not seem like your first choice, but coming home to look at bare walls will still feel disheartening, no matter how great you think your paint job is.

The simplest solution is to hang work of art on your walls to give it a little more personality. No need to go for masterpieces – mass-produced art pieces you can find in department stores can serve this purpose just fine.

2. Change your curtains.

Curtains add more to your home’s atmosphere than you think, and the best way to improve your home is by ditching that tacky window dressing and replacing it with ones that better suit the atmosphere of the room.

With the right curtains, not only will your home look nicer, but you can also control the temperature with them.

3. Fill it with plants!

House plants are easy to maintain and improve your air quality. They also make any area – especially your living room – look nicer and more welcoming when you come back after work or school.

This can also be a way for you to get started on indoor gardening as a hobby, and could even be a great way to reduce waste at home by turning it into compost.

4. Add aromas.

Home isn’t home unless it smells like it, and there a lot of ways you can make it smell more inviting after a long day. These options include scented candles, air fresheners, and essential oils. Baking at home is also a great way to introduce a nice aroma to your living room or kitchen.

5. Display childhood memorabilia.

Even though you will never fully recreate your childhood home, you can display a few items that remind you of the days when you felt safe and loved when you were younger. For instance, it might be a certain drawer or cabinet, an old music box, or even a few board games on display.

6. Add more lights!

Perhaps the biggest turn-off in any home is the lack of lighting, natural or otherwise. If you don’t have a lot of windows, be sure to add a few warm shades of white or yellow. Even a few well-placed lamps can add a lot to your home’s atmosphere.

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