How to Keep Your Bags in Mint Condition

What girl wouldn’t splurge on a handbag or two every month? Or even more?

Girls everywhere are suckers for handbags, slings, backpacks or shoulder bags, just so they could switch from one bag to another almost every day. Matching outfits or moods, bags are indeed every girl’s best friend. Efficient and stylish top our priorities in finding our next purchase.

But as our appetite for more handbags increases, our storage techniques must also keep up. We must be very diligent in storing them properly so as to keep them longer. We get the most of our purchase and more importantly keep our options for handbags in good numbers.

Here are a few tips to help you maintain your handbags’ newly-purchased glint:

1. Keep your hands clean. When handling your bags, make sure your hands are clean. Some stains stick on some materials used in our bags. Also, if your hands are damp or wet, the color might run or cause stain on your bags. Make sure your hands are clean and dry when choosing your next companion.

2. Wrap up. Bags can also bear accessories and can therefore get tangled up with other bags when stored. So to keep those crystals and other beads, make sure to wrap those pieces with a bit of tissue paper before stowing them away.

3. Clean regularly. No matter what material your bag may be made of, it’s always a must to keep them clean. Grab a soft washcloth and wipe your bag on a weekly basis to keep them from insects or dust that may destroy the material.

4. Suede to suede. For bags with suede material, clean it with a suede brush to revive it. They code is simple: like to like.

5. Chill on the use. When using your bags, make sure not to overstuff them as this can distort the bag’s shape. Also, keep cosmetics, pens and other materials which may stain the lining in pouches so as to minimize chances of ruining your bag’s interior. If possible, avoid putting your bag on the floor when you’re out. And watch out for those corners as they are the first signs of a bag’s age.

6. Switch regularly. Since you already have options of bags, make sure to switch from one bag to another regularly. This isn’t to show off your collection, but more importantly, you get to preserve to tip-top condition of your bags. They don’t wear out easily if you don’t use them as a default bag every day.

7. Store bags out of direct sunlight. When you keep your handbags, whether in racks or any other storage you prefer, make sure to place them out of direct sunlight. Leather handbags shrink with long exposures under direct sunlight. Other materials used in handbags also fade if under prolonged exposure. They also get worn out quickly.

8. Moisturize leather. For bags made of leather, use leather moisturizers to keep the material free of cracks and keep its elastic touch.

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