How to Distinguish Between Flirting and Just Being Friendly

How many times have you asked yourself, “wait, did he/she just flirt with me?” Distinguishing between flirting and friendliness can be a challenge most of the time. Especially because there are many factors at play and we really just don’t know what each person is thinking. If you assume that someone is flirting when they’re actually not, it could lead to some embarrassing moments or even heartbreak! So, here are some ways for you to distinguish the characteristics of the two better.

When it comes to eye contact…

An all-too-common scenario is when you look at the person and find him/her already looking at you, then they suddenly look away. If this happens often, it’s a small sign that this person might probably like you. Otherwise, you might just be looking at each other because of timing. A better sign to look at would be if they hold eye contact for longer. If you’re near each other you can also try to notice if their pupils dilate. This is because our pupils generally dilate when we’re looking at something, or in this case, someone we like.

When it comes to physical contact…

The flirty type of physical contact is usually more obvious. A person who likes you will usually look for reasons to make physical contact like tapping your shoulder, lightly brushing his/her with yours. etc. Of course, this won’t always apply to the same people. There are some who are naturally touchy but have no intentions of flirting at all. They like to make physical contact with all of their friends regardless if it’s romantic or not. So, don’t immediately assume and look towards other signs so that you distinguish better.

They always give compliments

When someone often gives compliments to one specific person, it’s quite an obvious sign of flirting. The reality is, our close friends almost always compliment us while joking around or they don’t compliment us at all because they’re already used to being us. But if a person was interested in you, he/she will take the time to compliment you both in private and in public.  Some even give a compliment at the most random time and will usually take you by surprise.

They also ask in-depth questions often

The most obvious distinguishing characteristic is that friendly conversations are usually more casual and topics can change on a whim. On the other hand, a conversation with someone flirting will usually be more in-depth. That means, this person asks about your interests in order to get to know you better. If the person asks if you’re single, for example, that’s already a pretty clear sign.

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