How to Deal with Family Violence

The family is the basic unit of society. It should be given importance because everything begins here. Dealing with domestic violence is a critical and serious issue therefore it should be tackled with care. Everyone deserves a family and a home that is stable, safe and secure. Family violence is not easy to deal with but with patience, tolerance and vigilance, all people can live in a peaceful and happy home.


If you are experiencing family violence, it is important that you help yourself or other family members. You can stop family violence by:

1. Report to the police

It is not easy to report to the police especially if you are always threatened. But you should gather all your strength to report to the police. You have to end the violence once and for all if you want to stop it. If you do not remove yourself and your children from that an abusive environment, it will surely affect the way you live your life.


2. Get a Personal Protection Order

The police will know what to do, starting with helping you get a PPO. For more information, you should ask your local police about this and how to apply for it. Do not ever think that you cannot get out of that abusive relationship.

The definition of domestic violence will be ammended.

3. Find a support group

When you are in an abusive relationship, you should think that there are many people and agencies that are willing to help you. You can for instance call AWARE (Association of Women for Action & Research), PAVe (Promoting Alternatives to Violence), TRANS Centre, FSCs (Family Service Centres), Family Transformation and Protection Unit and many more.

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