How to Avoid Getting Dry Skin When Going to the Beach


It is rainy season but summer never ends here. Beach is just around the corner and we couldn’t help but to enjoy it. If you like to go to Siloso beach, you should know some tips to avoid dry skin. If untreated, dry skin may lead to Xerosis. Xerosis is a skin condition characterized by reddening of skin, itching and cracking.


It is easy to know if you have a risk of Xerosis. You only need to conduct a skin test. Just scratch your skin on your arms. If you see white marks, skin is probably dry. It does not end there. You should also check heels, knees and elbows for signs of dryness. Xerosis may sound common and harmless but it can develop to serious diseases like infections and skin asthma.

Here are ways to avoid dry skin:

  • Drink lots of water. Keeping hydrated is the key to a refreshed body. The water can maintain the fluid requirement of the body thus it is good. Ideally, you are required to drink at least eight glasses of water every day but just to be sure, you can increase intake to ten or more glasses.


  • Dodge hot showers. Hot shower after day’s work is relaxing but experts say that frequent travel to hot baths can have an effect on your skin. It does not end there because over-scrubbing and using zero moisturizing soap are not good for the skin.


  • Evade the sun. If you are working outdoors, you are more prone to dry skin and other skin problems. Exposing your skin to UV rays will even lead to skin cancer. You should at least limit your sun exposure from 10am to 2pm.


  • Keep away from air-con. Sometimes when it is too hot outside, you just simply turn the air con on and sit comfortably. That seems very comfortable but you have to know that it can lessen the natural moisture of your skin. As much as possible, do not spend too much indoors. If it can’t be helped, just do not sit near the vent because it is more harmful because the air there is colder.


  • Heal it. When you notice you have dry skin, do not ignore it. You have to take actions immediately. There are many treatments that you can consider that are readily available.

Whether you spend summer here in Siloso beach or somewhere outside Singapore, you should give attention to your skin. You have to know about the potential health effects of dry skin so you can do something about it.


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