How Rude Co-Workers Can Affect Your Family Life


Life is already hard here in Singapore and enduring it with a rude co-worker makes it a lot worse. You are old enough to know that not all your co-workers are nice and respectful. Actually you realized that the moment you started working and you have come to accept it as a part of your life. You have rude co-workers and since it is hard to find a good job, you just endure it without actually thinking of its lasting effect on your relationships.

You should know that there is a study that proves rude co-workers has toxic effects on the family when you come home. The research was conducted by the University of Singapore’s professor Sandy Lim. The study found out that when someone gets in a foul mood at work because of the rudeness or insolent behaviours of co-workers, the mood will not subside until he/she reaches home. What happens when the mood does not subside by the time you reach home?

There is a big chance that you will lash out at your family members and that is how it can affect your family life. This sounds pretty serious. The worst part is that the rude co-worker does not have an idea what he/she has done to you and your family. You are giving them way too much credit. How did the researchers come up to their findings? In the course of ten days, the researchers observed fifty full-time employees. The researchers sought out these employees and asked how much hostility or rudeness they have experienced that day.

In the evening, the researchers asked the spouses to record if their partner showed any signs of anger or the complete opposite of it. The study show that experiencing rudeness (at the workplace) was related to hostility feelings (they have in the house) and in turn linked with angry family behaviours. Aside from the hostile environment, these spouses also noticed their partners being withdrawn. The finding solidified the claims of a 2009 paper.

The paper talked about daily stresses of an employee and that it can cause them to express irritability and anger at home. The effects linked with rude behaviour and working in a toxic environment does not stop there. These feelings can actually result to decreased productivity, amplified absenteeism, poor morale and higher staff turnover. Knowing this, employers should make sure that their people live in a favourable condition to increase productivity and boost morale. The family should never be included and lashing it out to them will be the greatest mistake.

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