Historical Places in Singapore

One of the country’s most secured possessions is the history. History is a country’s pride that cannot be replaced or perhaps altered. During the past times, Singapore is not that rich compared these days; however, they are fairly economically established. After a long period of British colonization and short time of Japanese invasion in the country, Singapore has been developed.


Government Buildings

Before buildings are constructed in Singapore, some buildings are of government use during the 18th century such as the Old Parliament House which is today, a museum where arts and crafts of different culture are placed. The Old Parliament house is formerly a courthouse that is built in 1827 making it the oldest building in the history of Singapore. Another Government building in the past that has become the host of Asian Civilizations Museum today is the Empress Place Building. In 1867, this building is an Office of the Colonial Secretary.

Historical Temples

Built by Chinese colonizers in 1842, Thian Hock Keng Temple is one of the maintained places in Singapore. This temple – honored to Mazu (Goddess of the Sea) – has been maintain by the Singapore government wherein tiles and statues and stones and preciously cleaned. Honor to Goddess Cali, the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple catch the attention of devoted Hindus. This temple is built in 1855 wherein it features the Gopuram (a tower that can be seen in streets).


Military Locations

The Fort Siloso which is the most popular fort in the country and is only the remaining fort has various collation of mortars, guns and confined Japanese guns. It has been maintained since World War II and today, tours are being held from Friday to Sunday.


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