Glorious Food in Singapore

Hainanese Chicken Rice


This food item is mainly prepared by using rice. It is a Chinese origin dish. They prepare with strips of boiled chicken in its stock. It is served with lightly flavoured rice which cooked in the same chicken stock. You will get this food item in restaurants located on Orchard road. This dish is known as ‘National dish of Singapore’.
Char Kway Teow

If you want to test the Chinese dishes go for Char Kway Teow. ‘Kway teow means white flat noodles. These noodles are stir fried on very high flame by adding light and dark soy sauce including chilli, prawns, cockles, egg and beans. Generally it is available at hawker stalls.

Chilli crab


The name itself is very spicy. It is prepared with hard shell crabs, and cocked them in thick gravy with a tomato chilli base. This dish is served with Chinese buns. You will get to test it in seafood restaurants in Singapore East Coastal area.
If you want to test of Muslim food items, go to Geylang Serai, there you will get testy chicken biryani. If you go towards hawker centre you will get Redhill housing estate, where you can have a test of radish fried with egg and garlic dish. This dish is very famous in Singapore. If you want to test ‘Fried Carrot Cake’ or Chai Tow Kway you will get it in the same area. It is prepared from white radish which is fried and cut it in small pieces and stir fried with soy sauce, eggs, garlic, spring onions and sometimes dried shim. You will get versions in this dish.


This dish is Perankan dish which is the form of a simple noodle soup. You will get two varieties from it in Singapore.
Apart from these food items you will get plenty of other dishes. The Singapore food festival goes almost entire July month. If you are a food lover, plan your trip during this month.

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