Five Light Fabrics that Will Keep You Cool on a Hot Day

Singapore can be really hot for most of the year, and when it gets too hot, you don’t just need to have a cold drink or sit in an air-conditioned building to beat the heat – you also want to have clothes that keep you cool even during the hottest time of day.

Here are a few types of fabrics you should definitely be on the lookout for when building your wardrobe:


Originally called “artificial silk” back in the eighteenth century, viscose is a material extracted from wood pulp and treated chemically, and is often considered an equivalent to rayon in many countries.

Just like rayon, viscose is smooth and really lightweight, and unlike certain types of fabric, is highly durable despite its breathability. IN fact, there’s a good chance that your sportswear is even made from a certain percentage of viscose threads.


This fabric is one of the oldest in the world that’s still widely used today because of its natural fiber and lightness, making it really breathable and really great at keeping you cool despite being in the middle of a hot day.

One advantage you get with linen is you also don’t need to spend as much time keeping it crease-free. All you need is to spray it with a water bottle and smooth over the wrinkles by hand.


This material has all the benefits of silk, wool, cotton, and even linen. Since it’s made from tree cellulose, it can be designed to imitate the texture of any of the four types of fabrics. It’s also much thinner than cotton, making it much lighter and breezier.

However, keep in mind that rayon is best for dry hot days, so when you think it’s going to rain, it’s best to keep them in the closet for the time being.


Chambray is a type of cotton fabric that usually comes in a higher thread count, which means it’s more finely woven and more breathable than other types of fabrics you would encounter.

This weave also makes chambray an ideal alternative for denim that gives you the appearance and texture of jeans, but without the feeling of being weighed down.


It’s no surprise that most shirts and blouses are made of this lightweight material. Cotton is the best type of fabric to wear in a hot day because it’s not only a versatile fabric that can work as an insulation, but it can also let air move freely in and out of the fabric itself.

Cotton can even absorb your sweat, which is great if you’re looking to stay dry as much as possible.

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