Five Kitchen Hacks You Wish You Had Known Sooner

If you’re spending even just a short amount of time cooking in the kitchen, you’ll notice that you might be taking too long to prepare things, or that your countertop is always a little messy when you get started. Well, worry no more – here are five things that will forever change the way you go about things in the kitchen:

1.  Invest in a baking sheet

Even if you don’t have an oven in your HDB flat in Singapore, having a tools like a baking sheet and a wire rack in your home is a great way to keep everything together and make clean-up that much easier. If you have an oven and you like to bake, it also helps to line your baking sheets with foil in order to retain the heat and cook your dishes much better.

2.  Salt is best for hard-boiled eggs

No, hard-boiled eggs are fine without any seasoning – however, what you can use salt for is to make sure that the shell stays together when you peel it, rather than seeing it break into tiny pieces. All you need to do is to simply adding a teaspoon of salt to the water before adding in the eggs, and add the eggs only when the water is already boiling.

3.  Kitchen shears are your friend…

Why chop vegetables when you can simply cut them with a pair of scissors? By cutting your leafy greens and other smaller vegetables rather than chopping them, you save more time and save your knives for much bigger vegetables and fruits, as well as reducing the chance of cross-contamination. Using kitchen shears for cutting certain types of vegetables, you also extend the lifespan of your knives and keep them sharp for a longer time.

4.  …and so are leftovers!

Think of leftovers not just as something boring you need to wolf down before it goes bad – when you prepare them right, you already have a completed dish where all you need to do is reheat. If you love cooking but can’t keep doing it regularly because of your busy schedule, cooking in large batches also saves you more time.

Leftovers even allow you to try and experiment with new dishes if you have ample time. Because the ingredients are already cooked in advance, you can try all kinds of things and make new dishes to add a spin for tonight’s dinner.

5.  Don’t bother rinsing pasta noodles

Noodles have their own natural starches that can be washed away when you rinse them. Doing this is a sure-fire way to lessen the grip for your pasta sauce to hold onto, which results in a less flavorful mouthful of pasta. Instead, try skipping the wash altogether and let your pasta cool by draining and spreading them onto a pan.

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