Finding Relief From the Effects of Menstruation  


Not all Singaporean women can relate to the pain and discomfort others feel when they have their monthly periods. There are other women whose pain and discomfort are twice magnified compared to others. If you are not blessed with a smooth monthly period, you have to act now and improve things.

You wish to complete the month in a pleasant and relaxing manner but when it comes to your periods, you feel the other way around. The menstrual cramps will surely leave you bitter with pain. You will not relax and as if it is not enough, it will affect your mood.

To help you deal with the bloodiest and the most difficult time of the month, here are some tips worth considering:

For simple relief: Whether it is your doctor or your grandma who advised you to employ hot water bottle to relieve menstrual cramps, you have to follow it. Heat therapy proves to be efficient when it comes to menstrual cramps. If water bottles are not available, you can use heating pads or heated cloth instead. This will soothe any painful feeling.


For your diet: You just do not want to give in to your cravings of junk foods. You have to keep away from salty foods because it can intensify the pain. Eating right helps you feel better. You need fruits and vegetables that are rich in healthy oils, zinc and calcium. Water should not be spared.

For the right movement: The pain will surely nail you to the bed and as much as you want to indulge, you have to move. Moving is for your health and it will be a welcome distraction. Moving is safe.

If you cannot handle things, it is time that you consult your doctors.


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