Exercise for Healthy Ageing Without the Risk  


When you age, it is difficult to move but it doesn’t mean that you should not consider exercise. Exercise should be a part of your life regardless of the age. When you get old, all the more you need exercise to increase your muscle strength and improve your mobility, balance and coordination.


You need to move independently and confidently and you can do this by considering exercise. Seniors here in Singapore are encouraged to exercise regularly and target at least one fifty minutes of moderate physical exercise every week.

Here are some simple exercises that you can consider and even do at home:

  • Warm-up: For warm-up, you only need to march at place whilst swinging your arms. If it is difficult, while sitting, you can act like marching.
  • Strength exercises: For strength exercise, you can try sitting and then standing instantaneously. You can also try the standing hip extension. You only need a chair to help your movements.


  • Balance exercises: For balance exercise, you need a chair to hold on to while you raise our side legs alternatively. One can also try the single leg stand where you put our legs upward.
  • Flexibility exercises: For flexibility exercises, you have to try triceps stretch. You can either stand or take a seat.
  • Cool down: Exercise will not be complete without cool down. There are many cool down exercises that you can consider but for starters, you can begin with standing quadriceps stretch.

The Health Promotion Board of Singapore is encouraging all seniors to exercise for overall wellness.



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