Ear Cleaning Guidelines for You

You just want to look and stay clean. There is nothing wrong with that. Hygiene is very important in the conduct of your daily life. In fact, it can impact your health significantly. However, there are things that you overdo like in the case of cleaning the ears. You clean your ears every day because you think ear wax is a hint of being unclean.

It is time to know that too much cleaning can actually damage the ears. Ear wax is there for a reason and it is not advisable to get rid of it. Ear wax will serve as the ear’s barrier against foreign elements like bugs, dirt and dust. If you clean it all the time, you are stripping the function of earwax. If you leave it be, too much ear wax will lead to deafness as it can clog the ears thereby reducing your hearing ability.

With this, it is important that you know things about ear cleaning so it will serve as your guide. Here are some:

Use hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide is the safest and most common method to clean your ears. It will soften as well as loosen your ear wax. As a result, it will be easier to remove it. You can use cotton balls or simply wait for it to drain out.

If you use hydrogen peroxide, it should be every other day or two. Do not use it every day as it can irritate your ears.

Use ear irrigation
You have to keep in mind that your ear will clean itself. The least thing that you can do is to facilitate or hasten its draining of the wax. You can consider ear irrigation. You need to make a solution first. Mix equal parts of warm water, rubbing alcohol and vinegar. After making the solution, pour few drops and let it sit in the ears for at least five minutes and then turn your head to drain it and give the other ear chance to be cleaned.

Do not use cotton swabs, hair clip, ball pen, car keys and other similar items as it can infect the ears. This way, you do not get rid of the ear wax but instead, you are pushing it deeper. If you cannot deal with this kind of cleaning, you should head to the nearest doctor. But if you exhibit any ear-related discomfort, you have to tell them right away.

There are many specialists here in Singapore that you can go to so do not worry about availability. The important thing here is you follow their recommendations or prescriptions for the sake of your ear.

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