Don’ts of Texting  


The coming of mobile phones is a gift to humanity together with internet and computers. With it, staying in touch is easier and more comfortable. Here in Singapore, almost all people have their mobile phones. They either use it to text, call or even check online. There is no surprise that it has become a part of our lives.


In this case, let us talk more about texting. Our days will never be complete without texts from important people in our lives. This technology also comes with responsibility. You cannot just freely text anybody and send them inappropriate messages. There is such thing as texting etiquette too. You just need to know some. Here are the don’ts of texting:

Do not send a text message when angry

When you are angry, you tend to speak a lot of things – some are ill. Then regret it afterwards. You can avoid these things if you do not send text messages when you are angry or furious. Contain or calm yourself first before talking to someone and if you cannot satisfy yourself through texting, better call the person. The more appropriate thing to do is to talk personally.

Do not send group messages

There are just those people who are fond of sending group messages of whatever things. This can be very annoying especially if you do not personally know the person. Do not be this person. Avoid sending group messages unless it is study or work related like reminding for an activity or event.

Do not send a text message when drunk

When you are drunk, you tend to say things freely and openly. Some things should be kept and if you are drunk, you tend to open up. Avoid sending texts when you are drunk so you won’t live to regret the booze and the text message.

BA2XJX Male hands using iPhone writing a text message

Do not put kisses on texts to your colleagues

It is okay to put kisses on texts to your friends, family and loves ones but it is never right to send one to your colleagues. This is also the same for emails and other platforms.

Do not text if you are going to be absent

If you are going to be absent, it is easy to text but that is not proper. When you are going to be absent, it is better to call your boss and not rely on text messages. You have to talk to your boss or teacher.

Do not gossip over text

Gossiping is not a good habit and you should avoid doing it. Do not patronize it through texting.

Do not end a relationship over text

The least thing that you can do is to talk to the person personally. He/she at least deserves that. Do not just end the relationship over text.

Do not text bad news

Bad news should be told personally too. It should not be sent via text message because there will be things that will be left out.

There you go. You should remember these if you do not want to be ridiculed. It is easy to keep these guidelines. If you feel like it, share this to other people as well so they too will know how to conduct themselves when texting.

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