Dancing Tips for Beginners

Dancing is a fun way to burn those extra calories if you do not want to spend hours on the gym. There are plenty of dancing classes you can sign up for in Singapore, but if you are a beginner, you would want to focus on dances that are designed specifically for the inexperienced. To make dancing more fun, here are some tips to help you.

Try not to be shy. If you feel shy or nervous before class, sit down and try to calm yourself by taking deep breaths. Clear your mind of negative thoughts and focus on the music. Don’t feel shy about moving your body.

It’s okay to make mistakes. No one expects you to be perfect the first time, which is why constant training is required to get there. Even the best performers you know were newbies. If you make a mistake, remember to still put your best smile on your face because after all it is a performance.

Practice, practice, practice. No one turns into a good dancer overnight. Even those born with the grace and talent for the art need to hone their skills. It’s okay to feel disappointed if you can’t keep up, but the feeling should motivate you to keep practicing. You are not only training your body, but your brain as well, which is also a muscle.

Some people are a natural. There will always people who are more skilled and talented than you just like there are people who are better at painting, music, mathematics and others. This should motivate you to work twice harder to close the gap, but you have just as much right to be there as your classmates.

Understand rhythm. One key to becoming a good dancer is not just to memorize the steps but to understand the relationship of the music to your movements. You are interpreting the music through movements, so do not rely too much on counting and memorization regardless of the style of dance and music genre. If you are a total beginner, counting can help, but eventually you will come across dances that do not rely on such technique.

Work on your posture. By practicing, you are also training your brain to learn complicated movements and internalize them by associating them with music. You will have an easier time learning the steps if you also train on good posture which can be learned by repetition. Good posture will also make it easier for you to maintain balance, coordination, and precise movement without having to think too much about what you are doing.

Enjoy it. It’s normal to feel frustrated especially if you don’t have a lot of training and experience as a dancer. But do not forget what makes dancing a great performance art—people dance to enjoy and appreciate music. If you forget that, you take the fun out of learning.

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