Consulting a Lasik Doctor in Singapore

LASIK eye surgery procedure in Singapore is done while the patient is at rest underneath a surgical device identified as excimer laser within outpatient surgical suite. Epi lasik in Singapore does not involve that physical laser when one goes through a lasik operation by a reputable lasik doctor.


LASIK Eye Surgery Procedures

The eye is numbed using drops of topical sedative in the Singapore lasik surgery clinic. Eyelid holder is positioned between the eyelids in order for them to stay open and allow the patient not to blink. Lasik Singapore is a complicated procedure and requires a physical cut. But epi lasik in Singapore is much safer when done by a professional eye doctor. There is a suction on top of the eye lifts and level the cornea and aids the eye not to move. This is when the Singapore lasik doctor skills are very important. The patient might feel pressure from the suction ring and eyelid holder, just like a finger pressed strongly over the eyelid.

From the moment, the suction ring is places over the eye up to the point it is detached, vision appears to be dim and later on goes black. What makes Epi Lasik different is that it is approved by the government in Singapore. When the cornea is leveled, there is hinged wave of corneal tissue formed through the use of automated microsurgical device, which could be either blade or laser. Epi lasik does not need this flap to be created by the Singapore lasik surgeon. The flap of corneal formed is lifted and the folded back. After it, the excimer laser initially programmed with the distinctive eye measurement of the patient is centered over the eye.

epi-lasik-1 (2)

The Singapore LASIK surgeon will then verify if the laser is set up properly. The patient will then look at special pinpoint light namely target or fixation light; at the same time, the excimer laser molds the corneal tissue. Afterwards, the surgeon will then position that flap back to the right place and then smoothes the ends. The corneal flap attached to the primary corneal tissue for about two until five minutes. In this method, stitches are not essential in lasik Singapore. However, it is better to get a driver to drive home in order for the patient to feel relax while on the way home. To safeguard the cornea while it heals, LASIK Singapore surgeon might put transparent shield above the eyes to safeguard it from accidental bumps as well as to let the patient be reminded to avoid rubbing of the eyes after the Singapore lasik procedure. The shield is great to use while sleeping because incautious movements is acquired. In relieving the dryness and to easily heal the eyes, eye drops might be provided.

The process of healing after the operation might take about three until six months. In epi lasik done by a Singapore lasik surgeon, this may take longer to fully heal. The same months as well, the improvements might then be observed.

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