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Natural Remedies for Sore Throat

Sore throat is an excruciating pain. Do not underestimate how worse it can be over time. There are many causes of sore throat like allergies, cold, flu, chickenpox, measles, dry air and pollution. You have to know that sore throat is a viral infection – that means it will not respond to any antibiotics. Taking […]

How to Alkalize Your Body

Over the years, alkalized diet has become more and more popular, especially to people who are into natural diets. Making the body more alkalized is quite simple and can be done by altering a few things to your diet. But first, let’s find out what alkalizing the body really means and how to achieve it. […]

How an Alkaline Water Ionizer Works?

A growing number of people in Singapore have been turning to water ionizers as their source of healthier water. Many of these users have reported that ionizing their water changed their lives for the better—a lot better, thanks to the antioxidants that help fight free radicals and early signs of aging. How It Works? 1. […]

How to Stop Hiccups in an Instant

Hiccups can be annoying and a source of distraction especially if you’re scrambling to do something important. These involuntary diaphragm contractions can last for a couple of minutes to an hour. This is usually caused by stress, overeating, burst of sudden excitement or eating too fast. There are a number of ways to stop hiccups, […]

Moringa: The New Superfood

Health and diet-conscious people always look out for the new addition to the coveted superfood group. Some of the most popular superfoods in the market today are acai, goji berries, cacao, chia seeds, mangosteen, and blueberries. Recently, another one has been named as one of these foods that are teeming with vitamins and nutrients- Moringa. […]

Exercise for Healthy Ageing Without the Risk  

  When you age, it is difficult to move but it doesn’t mean that you should not consider exercise. Exercise should be a part of your life regardless of the age. When you get old, all the more you need exercise to increase your muscle strength and improve your mobility, balance and coordination. You need […]

The Need-To-Know About Fibroids

  Overall health checkups should be done monthly. This assures us that we are in tiptop shape and alarms our doctors if we have existing or new health conditions. Since cancer is a huge health concern for everybody, it is in these health checkups where people are informed if they have tumors, benign or malignant. […]