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Types of Sports for Kids

Sports are different from games. Games are for amusement and enjoyment while sports are for teaching children sportsmanship, team work, and enhance physical and strategic skills. Furthermore, it teaches children to do things on their own and be responsible of their own moves and decisions. There are 3 different types of sports that your children […]

Top-Grossing Movies in Singapore in 2012

Singaporeans have a great love for the movies, both local and international. Aside from shopping, eating, and engaging in sports, they going to the cinemas is one of our favourite ways to unwind. Superhero-Themed Movies According to the Box Office Mojo’s list of the 100 top-grossing movies in Singapore in 2012, it can be concluded […]

Summer Escapades

Most people love the summer season, but some feel otherwise because it brings many serious heat-related illnesses that can eventually lead to a lot of discomfort, or even disability. While it’s hard to change their mind about summer, we can only show them not to be scared and just enjoy the heat. Travelling in safety. […]

Summer Activities

For many people, summer is the best time of the year simply because it denotes breaks, holidays and vacations. We want to experience summer at its best but the question is how. Summer offers a lot of activities and but making it happen can be a challenge. Some want to spend summer indoors while some […]