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Regulating Food Cravings During Breastfeeding

It is normal for pregnant and lactating mothers to have cravings of fried and sugary foods. If you are lactating, you need extra 500 kcal to yield milk for the little one. This need plus your hectic schedule can prompt food cravings. The bad news is that you do not eat whatever you want especially […]

5 Foods & Drinks Pregnant Women Should Avoid

  A lifestyle change is necessary once a woman becomes pregnant. Everything they consume matters, especially the food and drinks they eat and drink. It’s tough to control cravings and urges during pregnancy but it is always better to avoid things that might negatively affect us and the baby rather than just be sorry later […]

Finding Relief From the Effects of Menstruation  

  Not all Singaporean women can relate to the pain and discomfort others feel when they have their monthly periods. There are other women whose pain and discomfort are twice magnified compared to others. If you are not blessed with a smooth monthly period, you have to act now and improve things. You wish to […]